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Framework modifications and retrofit examples:

accident repair, overloading & frame fatigue

framework repairs, retrofits and refurbishments

  • Increase trailer loading capacity
  • Lengthen or shorten trailer necks, decks, or rear frames
  • Adding axles / axle groups (converting tandem axle units to tri-axle units)
  • Adding steering to unit ( auto steer and/or manual steer)
  • Adding neck extensions for Tri-axle trucks or Jeeps)
  • Installing pin joints on units without exsisting pin joints.
  • Booster matching to trailers ( Make boosters pin onto trailers that don't pair or even that have never had a booster!)
  • Convert mechanical removable necks into hydraulic removable necks. 
  • Install live rolls, belly rolls, and/or kickup rolls 
  • Convert air suspensions into hydraulic suspensions for greater stroke and stability in lifting applications. 




     Accusteel Specializes in quality frame repairs. No matter the extent of the damage, wear and tear we can make sure you get back on the road with a safe and reliable product. We take the guessing out of repair work and take the time to analyze the frame and engineer a repair that will withstand the tough conditions out in the field.

     Don't let your investment fade by getting repairs done improperly. Risking second failure, not functioning or looking below factory specs or better is not an option. Give Accusteel a try today!.


​Creating Original Solutions for Unconventional Problems.

Accusteel's facility is fully licensed to handle heavy haul trailer framework, repairs and refurbishing.  You can rely on us for quality service with a quick turnaround for the heavy haul trailer industry.

At Accusteel, we don't shy away from major repairs. With a leading design team and trained fabrication staff we can fix ANYTHING! Speak to one of our staff today about rebuilding your old unit like new. At Accusteel, we can go into very deep detailed rebuilds or more cosmetic rebuilds as per customer requests. Along with our one of a kind repairs, we can make your units look new with our quality referbushing department...

Refurbishing Jobs:

  • Sandblasting
  • Painting
  • Decking

Come and in speak to one of our staff today to see if your unit is right for any desired modifications. Accusteel will address the unit as a whole and make sure your unit will be safe and efficient when complete. By working together with the team at Accusteel you be assured the job will get done right!

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  • Accident Repairs

  • Insurance Claims and quotations

  • Twisted, Broken or Cracked Frames

  • Pin Joint Replacement & Installation​

  • Magnetic Particle Inspections
  • Strapping & Re-cambering

  • Frame Bay work
  • Repair & Replace Walking Beams
  • In line boring of pin joints, booster swivels, scissor neck links

      AND MORE!